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Manchester United vs Chelsea

Manchester, United Kingdom
Old Trafford
Info about your tickets

Here are some tips, to assure you get your tickets on time:

  • If you’re travelling from abroad, make sure to have a mobile data plan so you could be contacted by the seller in case of a problem.
  • We recommend scheduling the match in the middle of your stay, just in case the match date is rescheduled.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel, make sure that your room reservation and order of the tickets are both registered under the same name.


Tickets are usually delivered to your hotel/local address 1-5 days prior to the event, and most sellers offer a tracking number supplied by the chosen courier.
  • Usually, your provided address must be within the borders of the city the match takes place in. Some sellers make the exception of sending the tickets internationally.
  • You must provide the seller with the exact address and zip code. When inaccurate details are provided, the delivery will be returned to the sender and you may lose your tickets.
  • Whether the provided address is of your hotel or a local one, you must make sure there’s someone there to receive the tickets when they arrive and sign the delivery note.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel, it is your responsibility to notify them that you’re planned to receive a private envelope 1-5 days prior to the event - even if you'll only arrive at the hotel the day before.


Some sellers also allow a pick-up of the tickets at a specific location on the day of the event. If that option is available, it will be noted on the seller’s website at the time of purchase.


Those are usually sent directly to your email or are available for download directly from the seller’s website. If that option is available, it will usually be noted inside the ticket on our website, and on the seller’s website at the time of purchase.

Our tickets include two types of indications – sitting in pairs & sitting together.

Sitting in pairs means that the seller promises two tickets side by side, however, if you buy more than two tickets – There is a chance you will be seated in pairs but not together.
If 4 people bought tickets together, the seller might sell two pairs of separate tickets.
When the number of tickets purchased is odd, there is a chance one will be seated alone – and you should verify ticket details before purchase.

Sitting together means that the tickets will be seated together, side-by-side.
Exceptions may occur if you buy more than a few tickets together, in which case they may be split into small groups with different sitting locations within the chosen area (but still seated together within those groups).

Note: If this indicator does not appear inside the ticket, it means that seating together is not guaranteed.

Shortside seats are usually located behind the goalposts, whereas Longside seats will be located from corner to corner – be advised that Longside tickets provide a better view of the pitch.
Sometimes, diagonal seating can be either Longside or Shortside, depending on the stadium and the seller. For the most part – Longside tickets are more expensive.

Most stadiums have at least two floors (some have three). Upper indicates sitting on a higher floor, whereas Lower means sitting closer to the field. Lower seats are usually more expensive.

VIP/Hospitality tickets differ between the teams, stadiums and competition – but usually include food, drinks and well-placed seats.
Sometimes the experience may also incorporate special offerings. Information about what these tickets include can be found on our website inside the ticket, or on the seller’s website during the checkout process.

Note: Due to the nature of the secondary market, many of the tickets do not have a specific block or seat number until they are received, a few days before the match. If you buy a ticket that is marked only with the name of the category (such as “Shortside lower”), your tickets could be anywhere within the boundaries of that category. Tickets that are marked with a specific row or block, will usually be more costly than others.

In each stadium, the majority of the tickets are saved for the fans of the hosting team, and these are marked as HOME tickets.

Fans of the opposing team should only buy tickets for the AWAY sections available. Refusing to do so may cause various problems, and may result in refusal to enter the game.

International games vary in conditions and requirements, and different rules may apply to those.

Our website collects information from all of the different ticket sellers out there, both from the primary and secondary markets.
We do not work with sellers who have a history of fraud or an ongoing reputation for bad customer service.

Primary market refers to the venue, club or official distributor that sell tickets to the event.
Usually, the tickets on the primary market are sold out very soon, which leaves the fans looking for alternatives at higher prices.

The alternative is the secondary market, which mainly consists of fans and brokers who own tickets or club memberships and are looking to sell them to someone else. Prices in the secondary market are usually higher, and on the hottest events can even go up by hundreds of percents.

The tickets displayed on our website are sold and processed by external providers and sellers, thus we cannot take responsibility for them. But if you do find an issue dealing with any of those companies after buying through our website, we will do our best to help you resolve your issues with the seller and get what you paid for, or at least get a refund.

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